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Dark! (Debunking)
 Jun 30, 2017

Constance L. Vincent, PhD, is a psychologist and former university professor (Chapman and Santa Clara universities) with expertise on the subject of aging. She is also the daughter of a father who had dementia and a mother who had Alzheimer’s disease for ten years before passing away in 2016. Recognizing her own risk, Dr. Vincent is committed to sharing her knowledge about new approaches for prevention.

“Many people say they are more afraid of Alzheimer’s disease than cancer because there is no cure for AD.  But instead of being in denial and ignoring it, there are things we can do, not only to prevent it, but also to take better care of ourselves and the people who have the disease,” she says. Dr. Vincent and her husband Ed live in Menlo Park, California, where she belongs to Peninsula Volunteers, a group of over 300 women who raise money for various senior programs. The couple enjoys traveling, attending the opera and symphony, and participating in book clubs. They have four daughters, and twelve grandchildren. Their son passed away in 2015.

Connie Vincent
 Jul 07, 2017

In 2010, D’Anne Burwell never would have suspected she’d become an award-winning author, and would have done anything to avoid the turmoil leading to such recognition.

Raised in Northern California, D’Anne’s first career was as a teacher. She holds a Master’s in Education and worked for a decade in Portland, Oregon to develop and implement English in the Workplace programs at international high-tech companies.

Since marrying and moving back to the Bay Area, D’Anne’s primary career has been motherhood. Her life changed forever when her firstborn swerved onto the path of addiction, and for six tumultuous years she has submerged herself in advocating for her son and researching his disease—a wrenching doctorate by fire.

D'Anne's memoir is the winner of the 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award in Memoir, the 2016 Eric Hoffer First Horizon Award (best debut author), and the 2015 USA Best Book Award in Addiction & Recovery.

 Jul 14, 2017
 Jul 21, 2017

Silicon Valley is among the most culturally diverse areas in the US with no single race or ethnic group making up more than a third of the population.  Even as this trend towards diversity intensifies, there is a decline in social integration.  The melting pot model, which worked for first wave of European immigrants fleeing persecution in search of freedom relied on subjugating and modifying one’s identity to immerse oneself in the culture of the adopted homeland. Recent waves of Silicon Valley immigrants however, came for the economic opportunity, and continue to maintain strong ties with their homeland. Buoyed by numbers, they are able to silo their cultural identities.

The community now consists of adjacent immiscible enclaves that intermingle tolerantly as necessary. The downsides of this sort of existence are a tendency to prioritize hyphenated identities above a national identity, and to forge expedient alliances.

In this talk, Usha Srinivasan, Founder and President of Sangam Arts, discusses a grassroots arts-based approach to strengthening rapidly diversifying communities.

 Jul 28, 2017

More similarities, than differences, exist between business and sports. When speaking, Loren Fogelman, founder of Business Success Solution, reveals the secrets to success by highlighting what happens behind the scenes. As a therapist turned business coach, she’s dedicated her professional life to helping entrepreneurs, leaders and professionals transform challenges and obstacles into opportunities. 

 Aug 04, 2017

Bradley J. Davis is the 11th President of West Valley College. He has served the community in this role since June 2012. 

During his tenure at WVC, Mr. Davis has generated record-levels of philanthropic interest in the college. In his first three years as president, he has raised over $5 million in private gifts,

In 2015, Mr. Davis successfully led the college to a full reaccreditation with the Association of California Community and Junior Colleges.

 Aug 11, 2017

Mayor Emily Lo was elected to the Saratoga City Council in 2010 and reelected in 2014 while she was serving as Mayor. Mayor Lo has served on various boards and commissions, including the Santa Clara County Library District Joint Powers Authority, Santa Clara Valley Water District Commission, Cities Association of Santa Clara County, Saratoga High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association, the Saratoga-Monte Sereno Foundation and the Hakone Foundation. Mayor Lo, who has run her own promotional products business for more than 10 years, also served as President of the Saratoga Chamber of Commerce from 2009 to 2010.   

Mayor Lo was born and raised in Hong Kong and graduated from the University of Hong Kong, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science. She and her family moved to the United States in 1989. The family then lived in Japan for 3 ½ years before permanently relocating to Saratoga in 1995. She has two children who graduated from Saratoga High School.

 Aug 18, 2017
 Aug 25, 2017
 Sep 01, 2017
Eric Drew
 Sep 08, 2017
 Sep 22, 2017
 Sep 29, 2017

Dr. Mary A. Papazian, a seasoned leader with nearly 30 years of experience as a university professor, academic and administrative leader, joined San Jose State University as its 30th president on July 1, 2016.

As the leader of the founding campus of the California State University and Silicon Valley’s only public university, Papazian—a Southern California native—is firmly committed to student success; open, transparent and inclusive leadership; fostering a culture of curiosity and discovery; and building enduring campus and community partnerships. 

 Oct 06, 2017

District Orrin Mahoney will make his annual visit to the Club to share his vision and goals for District 5170 and Rotary International.

 Oct 13, 2017

Learn how Senator Beall's accomplishments are Making a Difference in Silicon Valley.

 Oct 20, 2017
Katie Reid
 Oct 27, 2017
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