May 11, 2018
Carmel Jud - Rising International President & CEO
Survivors of Homelessness and Human Trafficking Rise Together Across The Globe

Our Mission:
To contribute to the end of extreme poverty by enabling the world's poorest people, women, to join the  global economy through our home party network.
Our Vision:
A world where everyone has the chance to prosper.
If 5 million women can sell 10 billion dollars of Avon products, imagine what 5 million women could do by selling crafts to improve the lives of the poorest people in the world.
Our Values:
Empowerment of the world's poor, especially women. Research shows that when a woman is empowered to support herself, the entire community benefits.

Compassion for those suffering from extreme poverty; for those who do not have the capability to sustain themselves or their families.

Partnership with capable, powerful women from around the world who, even in the midst of poverty, violence, terror and loss, are creating beauty and hope with their crafts.

Fostering Community both here in the United States and in regions devastated by war, famine, disease and poverty.

Commitment to sustainable development, fair trade and fair wages, training and support, long-term solutions and projects.

Education about the true face of poverty, the similarities we all share as women, as people, and about the real ability to be part of the solution.

Equality for women, both economically and socially, and for the people of the developing world who should have access to the same resources and opportunities as the developed world.