BBQ at Patti and Mike Workman's Beach House

Patti and MIke Workman's Beach House
130 25th Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA
United States

Don't miss this very special end of the year party at Patti and Mike Workman's Santa Cruz beach house. Relax on the patio overlooking the ocean. Mike will be grilling hamburgers and sausages at 6:00. Bring a side dish or appetizer to share.Drinks, burgers and dessert (homemade by Patti) are generously provided by the hosts. Parking is availble on 25th avenue from 5:00 on. You are welcome earlier than 5:00, any time after 2:00, but you'll need to get a parking permit to park until 5:00. Talk to Patti or Marcia Hansen for details.