Discovering & Using Your Super Powers in Your Business and Work
Aug 25, 2017
Kristine Carey
Discovering & Using Your Super Powers in Your Business and Work

Kristine Carey brings enthusiasm, expertise and humor to her work. She has 14 years’ experience coaching and facilitating free agents, tiny businesses, and the otherwise self-employed, empowering them to align their talents and passions with their business goals. She is a trained and Certified Coach, owner of Moxie, Inc., where she is Chief Catalyst, and the Director of Training & Licensing for Get Clients Now!™. She’s a frequent speaker at entrepreneurial groups and conferences.

As a result of her motivational and experiential talks, your audience will walk away with:

A changed view of business and life from an exercise in conformity to one of freedom and creativity.

The resources needed to achieve desired results.

A shift in perspective from one of trade-offs to one of opportunities.

The know-how to stop pushing and create a space for ideal work to flourish; access to more ease, fun and financial success.

An ability to uncover the energy and motivation needed to allow business – and life – to thrive.

Kristine loves bringing her motivational message to groups and would be honored to work with yours. Her natural style translates quickly, putting audiences at ease so they can hear her message and take immediate action on what matters to them most. Audiences walk away with information and inspiration.