Sep 08, 2017
Eric Drew

The Eric Drew Foundation truly believes that by bringing patients together, we can transform medical industry in a very positive way! By empowering patients with knowledge of the most advanced and non-invasive treatments, we will drive the demand for these more advanced treatments, which will Give Hope, Save Lives and Reduce Suffering.

The Eric Drew Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corportation formed in 2003 to save the life of Eric Drew, and to advocate for adult acute leukemia patients.  The mission evolved with demand, and the foundation soon altered its focus to advocate patient strategy for all disease types.  For over a decade the EDF has helped hundreds of patients navigate their healthcare and overcome life threatening and debilitating illnesses.   Through this work the urgent need for a global online CrowdHealing platform became clear, and in April 2016 the vision finally became a reality with the launch of