Reflective Structured Dialogue
Feb 05, 2021
Janet Chance
Reflective Structured Dialogue

Janet Chance is an experienced mediator, facilitator, and conflict coach. Driven by compassion and a desire to help people, she takes pride in being the best neutral possible. As a dispute resolver, her goals are to reduce conflict in the office, at home, and in the community. In addition to her primary job, Janet is well respected by Santa Clara County Office of Mediation and Ombus Services (OMOS) for her commitment to volunteer work to resolve disputes for the citizens of Santa Clara County.


Janet’s passion for dispute resolution can be traced back to Civil Harassment Court, where she spent significant time facilitating communications and brokering agreements for those who are in court regarding a restraining order. She has just recently completed her Masters of Dispute Resolution from The Straus Institute of the Pepperdine University School of Law.

Janet has worked in the dispute resolution industry for over 5 years, gaining experience working with people in conflict. As a seasoned mediator and facilitator, she is passionate about resolving conflict in families, in workplace teams, and in advancing dialogues and facilitation for communities in conflict. In addition to her own practice and Santa Clara County OMOS, Janet is also involved in Days of Dialogue and Mediators Without Borders to help promote peace and communication in communities in conflict.


Outside of the office Janet has two children in their 20s, and lives with her husband and kids near Prospect High School where she is an avid cook, baker, and cake decorator. She has been a Saratoga resident for 17 years.