Nov 04, 2022
Harbir Bhatia
The Realities of the Ukraine Crisis

On November 4, Saratoga Rotary will present Santa Clara Rotary Club member Harbir Kaur Bhatia who will talk about her experiences supporting people in the Ukraine.

From the start of the Ukraine war, she has been dedicated to the crisis and has been on regular aid missions with her organization Ik Onkar Bridges and Selectiva Charities, and Rotary. For 4 months, she has led weekly meetings to educate Rotarians and other Institutions about the realities on the ground, the needs assessment, and how to help get more financial support to the war torn regions.

She has met with multiple levels of Ukraine leadership, Rotarians, NGOs, and local citizens to gain a deeper understanding and to provide increased support. Harbir has been hosting Ukraine Rotarian for a month at her home and her family's homes. They have traveled throughout the country to raise awareness and seek support for winter when people will freeze to death.

She has met USAID, Rotary leaders, UA NGOs, American Congressmen, Senators, Mayors, and others to raise the alarm about the upcoming winter and to get more funding for Ukraine. Getting Ukrainian children and elders into proper spaces before winters is her biggest priority at this time. As Rotarians, it is our duty to help, especially to prevent hundreds of thousands of people freezing to death. Rotary is a global family.

About the speaker 

Harbir has served in multiple positions at the Rotary Club of Santa Clara. From the time she and her family migrated to the United States from North India, community service and community building across diverse backgrounds have been a central part of the family. The SIKH principles of 'Sarbatt da bhalla’ (betterment for all) and 'seva’ (selfless service), like the Rotary motto 'service-above-self', have been her guide throughout her life.

Harbir is a technologist, an entrepreneur and community organizer, which make her a civic entrepreneur at heart. She is known for collaborating and mobilizing people to find creative solutions for hate crimes and inclusion, economic empowerment, education, children, and care. Harbir has served on multiple local and national boards and charities. She is a strong proponent of the public and private sector working together to solve the community needs. Over the years, she has been honored and received multiple awards for her community leadership and service. During COVID she launched multiple initiatives to address the urgent issues of the time.