Feb 12, 2021

Font72 plays mostly classic rock/light rock covers inspired by the music we heard growing up in India & USA. Their repertoire ranges from Black Sabbath to Moody Blues to The Beatles supported with Rock ‘n’ Roll and occasional forays into the 21st century! The lineup features vocals, guitars, drums, bass, & keys. Check out for details & media.


Brian is the frontman for Font72, leading with vocals and rhythm guitar. Since college Brian has been performing on stage, where he was the frontman and founder of a classic rock cover band called Oasis. Appearing regularly at campus events, Oasis did covers of songs from Pink Floyd, Billy Joel, Queen, Beatles Eric Clapton and many more. Font72, a classic rock cover band, has performed at various Art and Wine Festivals in the SF Bay Area.

Ranjit plays keyboards. A musically inclined bartender once told him "You look like someone who would play The Doors". No comments were made regarding ability. He's been involved with synths and software since the days of Moog and Apple II and ensures that the 70s are well represented in Font72 set lists.

Rajeev is ready to do vocals, and play guitar, percussion, harmonica, or mandolin for Font72 when the need arises. In high school in Calcutta, he was part of a four-person instrumental group (a band with no name) in which he played drums. In undergrad, he played acoustic guitar and sang in a folk music trio called Table Salt, that played at various restaurants and events. He is a big Genesis, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, REM, Beatles, Bob Marley fan, and likes to play all types of music from progressive rock to pop/dance to bluegrass.