The Story behind the Story
Jul 23, 2021
Ed Correia
The Story behind the Story

Ed Correia is the founder and CEO of Sagacent Technologies, Inc.; a 21-year old  IT management firm focused on risk reduction, particularly around data security. 

As a 43-year IT professional, Ed has personally seen technology move from the punch card to the cloud. He brings a unique blend of business management experience, operational know-how, and computer industry knowledge to Silicon Valley.  

Ed’s passion is partnering with small and mid-market professional firms to ensure their daily productivity through the proper use of technology and to reduce their technology risks. Specifically, threats of data loss, security breaches, business interruptions, and compliance failures. 

Before founding Sagacent Technologies in 2000, Ed worked for several national  technology services companies providing solutions to large companies like  3Com, Raytheon, Roche Bioscience, Visa, and Cisco Systems. However, as  president and CEO of Sagacent Technologies, Inc., Ed has focused the company  on providing the same comprehensive IT services that large corporations  receive, but scaled for small and mid-sized professional services businesses of  20 to 200 employees in Silicon Valley.