Aug 04, 2023
Sufen and Chiling Wu
Friends of Children with Special Needs

ChiLing Wu, a 28-year-old autistic musician. Music plays a large part in his life. He plays piano, cello, Chinese dulcimer, drum set, keyboard, bass, saxophone, and recently started taking lessons to accordion, and violin. ChiLing won a silver medal in "International piano  festival by People with disabilities" which was held in Vienna in2013. He also won 3 gold medals from Youth Focus on piano, cello, and dulcimer for continuous 3 years. In  addition, he also won gold award  by playing dulcimer from "Huain Cup", an international Chinese Music competition in 2012 and 2013. ChiLing is now volunteering at both Santa Teresa and Santa Clara Kaiser Permanenty Hospital as a lobby musician. He also plays music for many senior homes. To comfort people with music is the main goal in life to ChiLing. ChiLing wishes to heal the world with music.

These are some examples of his music performance:

1. Piano - Bumble Boogie

2. Dulcimer- Dragon Boat,

3. Cello duet

4. Saxophone

5. Keyboard- Hotel California