Mar 26, 2021
Saratoga High School M-SET and FRC Teams

We are the Mechanical Science and Engineering Team (MSET) at Saratoga High School. We have 90 Saratoga High School students in M-SET spread across 3 First Technical Challenge (FTC) teams and 1 First Robotics Competition (FRC) team.

Here's a little bit about our student presenters:

  • Kaasha Minocha is the MSET Outreach Officer and an integral member of my electronics subsystem on our FRC team. I look forward to presenting about GoBabyGo, one of our biggest outreach initiatives! 
  • Colin Li is the FRC Team Lead and primarily works on robot software and autonomous. In outreach, he has helped lead workshops and demonstrate our robots at various locations.
  • Druthi Palle is a member of our software team and worked on this year’s Game Design challenge. She helps lead lthe Argonaut FLL and GoBabyGo outreach initiatives. 
  • Mahati Kotamraju is a hardware team member and worked on the intake subsystem. She works with the FLL teams at Argonaut and also on our GoBabyGo initiative.
  • Arnav Bhola is the Business/Marketing Officer for the club. He is also member of the intake subsystem on hardware side and part of the Argonaut FLL initiative.