In the tapestry of life, a soul shines bright, 
Sesh's spirit, a beacon of light.
Kindness and generosity, a guiding star, 
A true volunteer, near and far.
In service, his calling was true, 
A commitment to others, a purpose he knew.
With hands that offered, a heart that cared,
A legacy of love, beautifully shared.
From community events to someone in need,
He sowed seeds of goodwill, in every good deed.
In the threads of his actions, a colorful blend,
A tapestry of kindness that knew no end.
A multicultural heart, a bridge he became, 
Uniting our souls, to become the same.
With open arms and a welcoming smile, 
He made every interaction worthwhile.
His generosity flowed like a river,
Touching lives, an incredible giver.
Sesh's journey, was lined with grace,
Leaving footprints of kindness in every space.
Humble in deeds, never asking for praise,
Helping all he encountered, in so many ways.
Leaving a mosaic of memories for all to share,
A friend to all, beyond compare.
A listener, a leader, a pillar so tall,
A caring friend who stood for all.
The depth of his kindness showed on his face,
Let's honor his spirit with every embrace.
May his spirit find peace in eternity's glow,
As his legacy of love continues to grow.
In the echoes of service, his presence will stay, 
A devote father, husband, and friend, lighting our way.
With love,