Posted by Sheeba Garg

Our club participated in two back-to-school events this summer. These events helped prepare our community’s young people for academic success this Fall.

On August 6, 12 of our members volunteered to participate in the Back-To-School event with West Valley Community Services (WVCS). This event took place at the Old Navy store in the Westgate Shopping Mall. Rotarians from our club joined other area Rotarians and community members at 6:00 a.m. outside the store. There we were paired up with a student to chaperone, to shop for clothes. Each student, kindergarten through grade 12, had between $100 - $150 to spend on clothes at the store. With the help of all the volunteers that morning, 218 students were able to receive brand new back-to-school clothes, shoes and a backpack full of school supplies. As a WVCS representative put it, "This event was more than just shirts and shoes. The children received a gift that will build their confidence and self-esteem as they start a brand new school year.” 

Thank you, Catherine Thermond, Mary Ellen Comport, Sangita Seshadri, Sesh Ramaswami, Julie Herndon, Parul Samdarshi, Sandie Prevot, Renee Paquier, Terrie Creamer, Vijay Subramanyam and Jamie Price, for participating in this event.

Back to School Shopping Photos:

At our club meeting on July 29, we packed 48 backpacks with school supplies for middle schoolers. These backpacks were delivered to the Boys & Girls Club of Silicon Valley to be distributed to their members as they prepare for the start for the school year. A grant from the Fatima Villa Foundation provided funding for the backpacks & school supplies. 

Thank you to all our club members who participated in preparing these bags.

Backpacks for Boys& Girls Club: