Posted by Shinku Sharma on Dec 17, 2016
Community Service project: Breakfast With Santa.
Did you know that Breakfast with Santa was first started in 1995?  It was a joint event between Saratoga Rotary and City of Saratoga. More than 100 children were bussed to a beautifully decked out community center for the event. Rotarian Don Perez started the event and chaired it for many years. Over the years, Breakfast with Santa became a Saratoga Rotary event only. Now Rotarians go to Washington Elementary School and treat the children.
This year was our 21st Breakfast With Santa event. Thank you to Saratoga Rotary Charitable Foundation for its continuous support for funding this event.
On Dec. 3rd, 2016, more than 30 Rotarians and their guests brought holiday cheer, gifts, breakfast, activities, and caroling to 175 children aged 4 to 6 years old. Little boys and girls were dressed in their finest and so delightful.
One little girl remarked, “This is the best day of my life.”
A little boy said, “You guys are so nice. I will always remember today.” And we heard similar sentiments from so many more children. Our hearts were grateful.
We had a great event because of what everyone did.
A big thank you to Cathie Thermond for doing all the shopping. Each child got a gift bag with a reading book, coloring book, crayons, play dough, and a ball.
Thank you Jim LeBlanc for being Santa. You fit this role perfectly!
Thank you Lillian Barnes for being Mrs. Claus. Kids love you!
Thank you Cookie Fitzimmons for being a perfect Elf.
Thank you Roseanne Rose for being Santa’s helper and carrying all the gifts in your sleigh.
Thank you Maria for photographing all the children, Rotarians, and teachers.
Thank you Mayor Manny for reading the story to the children.
Thank you Tom Collins for playing piano through out the event. It really was a treat to have live music.
Thank you Ketan Jashapara and Carol Yuan for picking up breakfast from McDonalds.
Thank you Alba Alamillo, Manny Cappello, Julie Herndon, Lisa Huening, Patti Workman, Dhiren Unadkat, Anandi Unadkat, and Carol Yuan for face painting. Alba’s son and two Prospect High Interacters: Maryam Ali and Sylvina Garnica face painted also.
Thank you to Marie Bechtel, Roy Cook, Jitka Cymbal, Ron Gemberling, Susan Gentry, Larry Grace, Sean Halasz, Paul Hernandez, Reiko Iwanaga, Marsi Nomura, Chuck Page, Sandie Prevot, Sesh Ramaswami, Wes Toy, Carol Woodard, Garry Woodward, and Phil Young for helping with gifts, breakfast, helping children, cleaning up and whatever was needed to make everything perfect.
Here are few photos from Maria Guldner for you to enjoy.