Posted by Jitka Cymbal on Aug 30, 2016

Hello Rotarians:
I must thank you for being so understanding and supportive. You give so much time and effort to make our club stand out. It is impossible not to forget someone especially when I have microphone in my hand, so forgive me.

All committees began their work. Club activities and projects are being planned with enthusiasm as many of you noticed during our meetings and in our great bulletin. Thanks to Ketan we had opportunity to participate in Classic Car Show sponsored by the Saratoga Chamber and to showcase what we do. All I can say is that my contribution is very small in the scope of things. Whether it is Sue or Venkat who taught us to use the Clubrunner so we can communicate better and provide information on our web Calendar (check it out); Sesh and Ketan with the international committee who are racing ahead with projects on three continents; Maria who not only takes beautiful pictures but helps with bulletin and slide show;
Bella with her first exceptional bulletin; Debra and Patti who keeps us in line (good standing) with RI; Cathy’s and Shinku who will keep us all busy; Jamie who keeps in touch with members who may be ill or taking care of ill spouses; Marcia and her membership committee brought first new member “Marsi” during the first month;
Dave for providing great speakers; Julie and Venkat who organized fun bocce ball afternoon last Sunday.

I am sure I forgot to mention many. Please remind me! There is lot to do for all and it is rewarding and fun. So I take this opportunity to thank you all and encourage you to thank those who are in your life. Any complaints should be directed to the complaint department. What? We don’t have any.