Posted on Jul 27, 2018

Hello, Saratoga Rotary! 

Well, we're off and running in a new Rotary Year. Thank you all for the warm welcome, many suggestions and cogent advice!

This year's Rotary International theme is "Be the Inspiration". Our RI President, Barry Russin, picked a good one. Inspiration comes in many ways. When I was younger, I found that inspiration came in the form of "just doing something".

After joining Rotary in 2000, I have found that each of the members of our club have been an inspiration to me at one time or another.

We've got a lot to think about this year: I'm looking into a strategic planning session to create a multi-year plan, we're looking at things to do to beef up the art show, new events - fundraising and fellowship, etc. Key to each of the success of each of the things we undertake will be our inspiration. I have started to ask myself how I can be the inspiration and I know deep down that we each are inspired and inspiring at the same time.

I'd like this to be a year of openness, warmth, creativity and inspiration for our club. We'll welcome new members, shake ourselves up and be thankful every day for the goodness that is Saratoga Rotary! Thank you for entrusting the Presidency to me - I promise you that I'll do my very best. And, at every step of the way, like you, I'll do my best to BE THE


Thank you,