Posted by Rosanne Kapur

Jit and all the residents of Cedar Crest wish to thank the Saratoga Rotarians who prepared the beautiful Valentine’s Day greeting cards for them.  

On the 14th of February, a card accompanied by a red rose was delivered to the room of each resident.  Joyfully, the residents thanked us for the beautiful cards and the lovely sentimental words written inside.  Some asked about who these “wonderful people” were who had remembered them.  “Rotary Club of Saratoga,” I answered with pride.  

Due to privacy restrictions, I haven’t included the photographs commemorating that day.  It was touching to record the smiles.  
The cards made a difference in the lives of the elderly and infirmed who live there, especially some who have no visitors throughout the year.  Thank you, Rotarians, for thinking of them.