May 21, 2021
Ron Felgenhauer
President, Rotary Club of Cleveland (founded 1910, 18th Club and home of Arch Klumph)

Ron Felgenhauer has been a member of the Rotary club of Cleveland for over 25 years and has had various leadership positions with the club. He retired in February of 2020 after a thirty five year career with Steelcase. Inc. 

He just celebrated his 35th Wedding Anniversary with his wife Diana. She too is a Rotarian.  He has two children, a daughter who is 30 years old and is married and lives outside of Chicago and a son who is 28 years old,  lives in Cleveland and recently got engaged. 

Ron likes reading, taking walks, traveling and most of all spending time with his wife. 

View the Rotary Club of Cleveland Brochure here.