Mothers Lead: A Memoir
Jul 12, 2024
Jenny Athena Wong - Saratoga New Rotarian
Mothers Lead: A Memoir

“At the Very Beginning of Life, I Escaped Death Twice”

As a second girl born to a family in China in the 1980’s, my Life was mandated to be terminated, my illegal birth evidence of a crime, and my survival a statistical improbability.

To immigrate to the United States as a young Girl

To have good fortune to pursue an Education

To have opportunity for a Career in Silicon Valley

To have a voice to write my Story now


These too, are great Statistical Improbabilities


What’s wrong with this picture?

Why are basic human rights a statistical improbability simply because I was born female?


I wrote this book to spark purposeful dialogue and ignite action for positive change.

To bring light to Real Stories, to illuminate Real People Who need Us to care.


Help me hold the torch. Use Our Collective Power to extend our good fortune for All Others.

Let’s beat the statistics.