Foster Youth Mentoring
Apr 30, 2021 12:30 PM
Tom Fandre & Priya Mistry
Foster Youth Mentoring



Pivotal – Join our Movement to Support Foster Youth.


Pivotal supports young people in and from foster care to realize their educational and career goals to help them create the life that they want for themselves. 


Tom Fandre is Pivotal’s Senior Business Development Manager overseeing internships for their college students.  He has worked with foster youth for 15 years and is passionate about creating relationships with civic and business leaders in Silicon Valley who see the power in partnering with Pivotal to help these young adults get the experience and connections they need to thrive.  He helped double the number of internships at Pivotal each year for 4 years until the pandemic hit and is hoping to place more than 50 interns this summer. 


Priya Mistry is Director of Community Initiatives for Pivotal. Ms. Mistry holds over twenty years managing local and international non-profits. She has been part of the Pivotal management team for over eleven years, leading both fundraising and program development to support education and career programs for foster youth. She worked with the leadership team to increase community awareness for foster youth needs and grow Pivotal’s annual revenue of $800,000 to over $5M.