Sep 15, 2017
Father Basil
Life at Villa Infantil

A South African expatriate Catholic Priest who previously ministered at Sacred Heart Church in Saratoga and St. Elizabeth Church in Milpitas before completing his Clinical Pastoral Education at Stanford University and taking up the position of Director, Chaplain Service at O’Connor Hospital.


A Board-Certified Chaplain, he holds Master’s Degrees in both Theology (Urbanianum, Rome) and Pastoral Ministry (University of Santa Clara, California), and a Doctorate from the Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley (SFTS Campus).


He currently is a Spanish-language and Mexican Culture student on the North Shore of Lake Chapala, Jalisco, Mexico, where he serves as the Chaplain to the Expatriate English Speaking Catholic Community, and Chaplain to a Benedictine Monastery and the Villa Infantil Guadalupe y San Jose, a home for abused, abandoned and sometimes orphaned children.


He will be talking about the Villa Infantil, the children and the Sisters who run the orphanage.  He will address the various ways the Saratoga Rotary has helped and continues to help this orphanage and the precious children who call it home.