Assignments: Setup / Take Down Greeter Flag Salute Inspiration / Wisdom
Jul 7th Alamillo/Marra Baniani TBD Austin
Jul 14th Bechtel/Brandenburg Syed TBD Burger
Jul 23rd Cappello/Case Chang TBD Burnett
Jul 28th Chin/Comport Christopher TBD Conrado
Setup / Take Down - Arrive at 11:30 am. Get the room ready for our meeting: setup projection system, microphones, podium, flags, visitors banners and set out drinks. After the meeting, put away neatly.
Greeter - Arrive at 11:45 am to welcome members and visitors.
Flag Salute - Lead the flag salute with "I pledge allegiance".
Inspiration / Wisdom - Deliver a 2-minute (or less) message that stimulates thoughts or emotions or principals of life's experiences.