Speaker Date Topic
Andrea Halsetd, Mountain View H.S. student Feb 24, 2017
Segregation at local high schools

Silicon Valley is home to many races and cultures. We tend to think of it as a "melting pot". But High Schooler Andrea Halsted sees problems with the "melting pot" ideal. Are kids limiting their circle of friends to their own culture and socio-economic class?

Maria Evans, former Washington El. Principal Mar 03, 2017
California Department of Fish and Game Mar 10, 2017
The state of our salmon
Red Badger's program Mar 17, 2017
Neil Bonke Mar 24, 2017
SIlicon Valley - The Secret Sauce!
Ralph Simpson Mar 31, 2017
The Race to Break the Nazi Code.

Historian Ralph Simpson will describe the secret program to crack the Nazi's "Enigma" cipher system. He'll display one of the few actual Enigma machines still in existence.

Dr. Donn Posner, Stanford University Apr 07, 2017
"Sleep like a baby"
Santa Clara County Judge Shawna Schwarz Apr 14, 2017
The County's foster children
Jennifer Robinson, Stanford U Nutrition Project Apr 21, 2017
Sugar: What? Where? How?