Jun 14, 2019
John Nores
Hidden War: How special operations game wardens are reclaiming America's wildlands from the drug car

With a love for wildlife and our nation’s wildlands, Nores was inducted into San Jose State University’s Justice Studies Hall of Fame in 2018 after earning BS and MS degrees before becoming a game warden for the California Dept. of Fish and Wildlife in 1992. 

In 2005 John promoted to Lieutenant, continuing his mission to protect and defend our nation’s wildlife resources.  John has investigated environmental crime and wildlife resource destruction for the last 28 years and was awarded the Governor’s Medal of Valor for lifesaving and leadership efforts in 2008.  He’s received several other awards for valor, life-saving, and distinguished service throughout his career.

His first book, War in the Woods: Combating the Marijuana Cartels on America’s Public Lands was published in 2010 with his second book, Hidden War: How special operations game wardens are reclaiming America’s Wildlands from the drug cartels available worldwide in early 2019.  John also recently co-authored a national cannabis issue book, Where There’s Smoke released in 2018. 

Nores has also written articles for Recoil, Sure Fire’s Combat Tactics, Gun Digest and American Patriots: Unsung Heroes, Nosler and KUIU Ultralight Hunting.

In 2013 John co-developed the Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET) and Delta Team, the CDFW’s first comprehensive wilderness spec ops tactical unit and sniper element, aimed at combatting the marijuana cartel’s decimation of California’s wildlife resources. 

The MET has been featured on Fox News, NBC Investigative Reports, CNN, and Dan Rather Reports.  Lt. Nores and his team are featured in three seasons of National Geographic channel’s award-winning game warden reality TV series, “Wild Justice,” highlighted in the Sportsman Channel’s award-winning Patriot Profiles: Life of Duty documentary TV series and featured in and co-hosts Pursuit Channel’s Modern Shooter TV series. 

After five years of operations, the MET and their lead apprehension K9 Phebe, were recognized for their environmental crime fighting and public safety protection efforts in California’s Capitol through Resolution Award ceremonies in the Assembly and Senate in 2017. 

Specializing in public and private land Drug Trafficking Organization narcotics tactics and related environmental crime enforcement and training for the last 15 years, John has presented for the California Narcotics Officers Association (CNOA), the Nevada Narcotics Officers Association (NNOA), and numerous other conventions and conferences all over the Country. 

Nores is an annual Safari Club International (SCI) convention seminar speaker, a national and international conservation tactics instructor and has taught rifle, handgun, shotgun and basic and advanced sniper craft for the last 25 years. 

John is a tactical surveillance, and covert and overt special operations instructor and operator throughout California.  Nores has allied with the U.S. Secret Service in rural and urban protection details for former U.S. President Barack Obama and former Israeli President Shimon Peres and in 2007, John co-developed and instructed at an overt and covert wildlife investigators school in Cambodia. 

Nores is a worldwide conservationist, back packer,  two-time Ironman triathlete finisher and two-time Baja 500 Ironman ATV race finisher.  John’s Baja team (J&J Ironman Racing) has raced to support and fundraise for El Oasis children’s orphanage since their first race event in 2006.