Posted on Jul 26, 2017

Hello Rotarians,

Rotary-July 7-2017-1527.jpg And so the new regime begins! It is an honor and pleasure to serve as President of the world’s greatest Rotary Club – Saratoga! During my 20 years of membership, I’ve often mused about being president, but thought my busy work schedule would make it impossible.  As I approach (semi)-retirement, I realize that my schedule will ALWAYS be overfull, and my “too busy” excuse will only serve to deny me the wonderful opportunity to serve.

And I love Rotary! I love the concept! I love the four-way test. I love the fact that over a million dedicated Rotarians around the world donate their time and effort toward building a better world. I love the camaraderie and the friendships I’ve forged while giving service to the community.

I once heard someone derogatively describe Rotarians as “a bunch of do-gooders”.


“Well,” I responded, “I LIKE do-gooders!”


My love and respect for Rotary has grown this year after attending the International Convention in Atlanta. What an eye-opener! I was surrounded by thousands upon thousands of do-gooders, from nearly every nation on earth, wearing the most colorful native dress, all united in the desire to improve the lives of others. Now I understand why so many of our Saratoga club members choke up with emotion when they talk about Rotary. I get it!

There are many organizations dedicated to public service, but Rotary is special. It’s not only because our members, men and women, come from all nations, all religions, and all political stripes, but we’re big enough, with enough money, to  get big things done! That’s why Bill Gates decided to team up with Rotary on world-changing programs like polio eradication.

And I love Saratoga!  I feel blessed to live in such an interesting, diverse, scenic, prosperous, and peaceful place. As a bonus, we have some of the most agreeable weather on the planet. I truly believe there’s no better place on earth!

As I announced at my first meeting, my theme this year is “Building Bridges”. More about that in next month’s newsletter. In the meantime, have fun, prosper, and I’ll see you at the Friday meetings, the TGIFs, the committee meetings, the fund-raisers, and on the sidewalks of our beautiful town!