Posted by Parul Samdarshi
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own. 
– Robert A. Heinlein
February is a fabulous, fun-filled, and full-of-love month. Valentine's Day falls on the 14th day of the month. The sweet celebration can include chocolates, flowers, and handwritten cards to loved ones. It's all about spreading the love. Our club continued this tradition of spreading love to senior communities in our area. We handwrote almost 600 Valentine's Day cards and distributed them to eight senior care facilities, including The Villas at Saratoga, Cedar Crest, Saratoga Senior Center, Villa Fontana, Palm Villas, etc. We also handed cards out to seniors shopping at the Park It Market at Fellowship Plaza. A small gesture of receiving a handwritten card brought a beautiful heartwarming smile. Thank you for helping to make this special connection. Special thanks to Aparna Vijay, Jamie Price, Carol Woodard, Mary Ellen Comport, Anne Cummins, Larry Grace, Dave Eshleman, Connie Hodgin, Cynthia Chang, Sheeba Garg, Sangita Seshadri and Bob Bohn, who helped to write and distribute these cards.