Mar 30, 2018

Farming Hope to plant 50 citrus trees as part of our commitment to support RI President Riseley's goal of planting one tree per Rotarian. By planting 50 citrus trees, we not only fulfill the tree planting objective, but we are also supporting the homeless and providing a source for food - a bit of a three-in-one return for a single service project.
Farming Hope turns the soup kitchen turned on its head – by hiring the people who usually stand in line, to produce food and feed others. They create jobs for homeless people in gardening and use that food in cooking workshops and meals. Growing and serving food lets their folks feel valued and empowered to share their gifts. This, in turn, empowers individuals out of homelessness by creating dignified work and safe spaces.
Farming Hope runs programs in San Francisco, and is launching a San Jose team this Thanksgiving. Their work here is inspired by Farming Hope programs in El Salvador.