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Sep 28, 2018
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Oct 05, 2018
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Oct 12, 2018
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Oct 19, 2018
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Saratoga Rotary


Service Above Self

We meet Fridays at 12:15 PM
Saratoga Community Center
19655 Allendale Ave.
Saratoga, CA  95070
United States
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Welcome to the 61st Annual Art Show hosted by the Saratoga Rotary Club. Browse, meet or make new friends, enjoy the food, drink and music and generously bid for items offered at the Silent Auction. 100% of the net funds from this event goes to support humanitarian projects and organizations. Over the years, we have distributed over $2M dollars. Outlined below are examples of some of the services, projects and organizations supported by the Club. If ‘Service Above Self” resonates with you, and you would like to grow your network while doing good, please visit our web page,


Youth Services:

Mentor our youth to develop holistically in their high school years and become future leaders.

  1. Enterprise Leadership Conf., 3-day entrepreneurial experience for High School Juniors.

  2. Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

  3. Interact and Rotaract: Rotary for High Schools students and Young Professionals respectively

  4. Rotary Speech contest


Community Services:

Here’s an opportunity to work with like-minded individuals and give back to your immediate community and also to communities across the world! Here’s a list of our programs:

Dear Saratoga Rotarians,Rotary-July 7-2017-1527.jpg

We’re having a magnificent spring season in Saratoga, and I’m reveling in our glorious weather. As the son of a scientist, I often muse on the fortuitous accidents that conspire to make life on our planet so very agreeable.

For example, was it not for the fact Earth tilts on its axis we wouldn’t have seasons at all!  No autumn colors, no migrating birds, no anticipation of better days to come! During the winter months, the sun is actually closer to us than it is in summer, but as its light hits the northern hemisphere at a more oblique angle, much of its energy is deflected into space.

But that’s just one of the many accidents that put our blue planet in the “Goldilocks zone”. Not too hot. Not too cold. It’s not just that we’re the right-sized rock at just the right distance from the right kind of star (if we were only about 5% closer or farther from the sun, life here may not have been possible). But our proximity to a large moon and our unique molten core provide under-appreciated benefits.


More Artists, All Artist Booths on the Grass, A Community Event!

It is with great pleasure and sincere thanks that I welcome you to the 2018 Saratoga Rotary Art Show

Saratoga Rotarians are proud of the 61 years of tradition this Art Show represents. Since our humble beginnings in the Village of Saratoga, the Art Show has grown considerably. Proceeds from the Art Show have given more than $2.5 million to local and international organizations. Recent recipients include the Saratoga and Los Gatos Assistance League, Latimer Elementary School, the Foothill Club, and Cancer Care Point. We also are partnering with Bangalore District Rotary on a large Water Sanitation and Hygiene project and performing outreach projects for orphanages in Mexico and Brazil. This is why we can proudly call this Show “The Art Show That Keeps on Giving”.

West Valley College has been undergoing building renovation and re-landscaping as part of a 5 year plan. The work is in its fourth year. This year we will have all of our artists back on the grass and relocating the entertainment stage back to its former central location. 

An Art Show of this size and complexity takes the combined effort of all 110 Rotarians, their spouses, friends, and many volunteers from our community. We are delighted to present work by 146 artists in a variety of categories: Painting, Sculpture, Jewelry, Fiber Art, Ceramics, Glass, Photography, and more. This year's catalog will have a map of all Art, Food, and Entertainment locations as well as a listing of our participating artists .

Please recognize and take note of our Sponsors and the advertisements of many local businesses, along with well-wishers and supporters of the Show. We are extremely grateful for the support of our Sponsors, the hard-working Rotarians, and volunteers, all who help to make our Show successful.

This year, in addition to exquisite art you will also find:

• The Kids’ Korner and donkey-pulled wagon rides with “Ike” and “Betsy”

• On-stage live music and entertainment

• 10 Gourmet Food trucks located near Entertainment

• Wine and Craft Beer Tasting

• Art created by local elementary and middle school students

• Art-for-sale created by the students of West Valley College

• A Silent Auction with many fine and unique items

So welcome! Enjoy the day. We encourage you to purchase your favorite art to decorate your home, office, or to give as a unique gift for someone special. Taste some excellent local wines and craft beer while you stroll through the Show, taking in great art, food and entertainment.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you for your support so we can continue being “The Art Show That Keeps on Giving”.

We welcome the opportunity to partner with others in art and talent and the ability to serve our community!

Wes Toy, Chairperson

Saratoga Rotary Art Show 2018

Assembly of CARE Packages for Operation Care and Comfort at Saratoga Rotary Club


Saratoga Rotary Club members assembled care packages for the troops on October 6th during the club meeting. The rotary members assembled around 300 care packages for the active duty members stationed all over the world. The care packages included beanies, hand-warmers, chapticks, dental hygeine items, playing cards, snack bars, and beef jerky. These packages were assembled for an organization called Operation Care and Comfort


Operation Care and Comfort provides support and comfort to “adopted” units of deployed U.S military service members, serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other conflict regions. Working with the local community and through donations received from all over the country, OCC assembles and ships care packages to the adopted units every month until they return home.


Saratoga Rotary could not have done this without generous donations from some of the club members and also from Community members like Dr. Davie Erickson, DDS, of San Jose and the representative for Colgate, Tabatha Stansberry.